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Covid 19 Update - Operations & Deliveries

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Toolden COVID 19 UPDATE 

The Corona Virus global crisis is affecting us all and it is our main priority to keep in line with Government advice and maintain public health. Our staffing levels have been reduced to a skeleton group, working hard and safe to maintain a high level of service to our customers in the agriculture, food production and covid-19 associated maintenance industries.

At the moment, we are operating out of our main warehouse having closed our sub branches due to the virus. This has meant a disruption to our stock levels. Please check website to see if the product you require is available to purchase.

In order to help minimise the spread of the virus we have introduced additional safety measures, including:

  • Suspended all meetings in our premises until further notice.
  • Additional Health and Safety training and procedures as per the Government guideline.
  • Started using digital catalogues only, and ceased the production of all printed material.
  • Mandatory use of protective equipment for all of our colleagues handling tools and equipment.
  • Additional cleaning of all areas.

Our website is operational 24 hours a day while our customer service remains available Monday – Friday 9-4pm.

It is our top priority to keep our customers and colleagues safe throughout this difficult period and will continue to adapt as per Government instructions. We will continue to give regular updates!

Toolden would like to thank all our customers, our colleagues, suppliers and partners for their hard work and continued support!

Stay safe during these challenging times. Hope and pray this coronavirus pandemic ends soon.

Stay up to date with the latest advice from NHS from HERE  

Keep well and take care!

Toolden team

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