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Buyers Guide - DCK206M2T

Posted by Matt & Tom on

Why You Should Purchase The DCK206M2T

As always, here at Toolden, we have a popular kit in stock. Are you asking yourself if it is worth your attention? Our answer is simple, yes, yes it is.

This new kit contains many quality tools from a leading tool manufacturer and may even cover everything you need. Whether you’re someone who enjoys working on your home, or an individual who owns their own handyman business, this could be the solution for you.

DeWalt is undoubtedly a brand to rely on when it comes to tool kits, and this particular product has excited us all at Toolden. The DeWalt Kit offers many benefits and is loaded with two quality tools; a DeWalt Combi-Drill and Hammer Drill.

What’s included in the DeWalt DCK206M2T Kit? 

Our DeWalt DCK206M2T is a popular 18v XR lithium-ion twin kit. As we mentioned, the kit includes a 2-speed compact combi drill (DCD785) and an SDS+ hammer drill (DCH253), along with two 4.0Ah batteries, multi voltage charger and a TSTAK VI box.

DCD785 Combi-Drill 

The  DCD785 Combi-Drill boasts an ultra-compact & lightweight design, which provides you with the power you need and a lightweight drill that is easy to manoeuvre within confined spaces.

Its usage is even better with the intelligent trigger design, which allows you full control and application, gifting you the accuracy and freedom you need with any job.

The 18V XR Li-Ion compact hammer drill driver features the XR 4.0Ah Li-Ion battery technology, offering longer life and optimised power for longer.

DCH253 SDS+ Plus Hammer Drill

The lightweight Combi-Drill is amazing enough right? But you’ll also get the most popular Dewalt SDS+ Plus Hammer Drill,  DCH253, which is perfect for drilling anchors and fixing holes into concrete, brick and masonry.

It features a rotation stop mode for light chiselling in plaster, tiles and render, whilst the impact stop mode is ideal for rotational drilling into wood and metal.

The 4.0Ah 18 Volt lithium-ion battery delivers optimised performance, long life and a maximum runtime; this Hammer Drill will not let you down on the job!

The Box Itself

The box itself is durable and spacious. If you would like to store tools or nails in the box along with your new drills, there will be more than enough space to do so. It’s secure, it’s tough and it looks the part.

An Affordable & Quality DeWalt Kit

As you can tell, there is a great deal included in this DeWalt Kit; not just a selection DeWalt tools, but the highest quality of tools. Our prices online are the most competitive you will find and you can guarantee efficiency and security with our latest DeWalt Kit.

If you want to add a couple of extra tools to this kit you can do so using Toolden Kit Builder, were you can make it your way!

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