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​Best Miter Saws for sale? Compound Miter Saw, Double Bevel or Sliding Compound Miter Saws

Posted by Eddie G. on

Best Miter Saws? Compound Miter Saw, Double Bevel or Sliding Compound Miter Saws

Whether you want to make angled cuts or accurate crosscutsmitre saws are the best power tools for the job! These particular tools have the ability to facilitate a variety of cuts and are quickly becoming the favourite saws among professional and diy users.

With so many types available, including: compound, sliding compound or double bevel mitre saws, from world’s top manufacturers: DeWalt, Makita, Evolution, Metabo, Festool, it can become quite challenging to decide on which one to buy!

Introducing the Mitre Saws (also known as miter saws)

Miter Saws are saws used for accurate, precise crosscuts and mitre joint cuts at selected angles, while some of them can also pivot to the left or right, returning bevelled cuts.

Compound Miter Saws – These are also known as a single compound mitre saws due to the fact that they can only bevel their blade to one side, facilitating a variety of angled cuts.

Double Bevel Miter Saws – With this type of mitre saws, it is quite self-explanatory! Different from the single compound mitre saws, this one will warrant the blade to pivot to both left and right, allowing for increased flexibility while easing the sawing process.

Sliding Compound Miter Saws – This saw allows for the blade to be drawn towards the user and through the material, therefore the saw is able to cut through a wide variety of materials with varying widths.  

How to choose the best mitre saws?


Choosing the right miter saws depends very much on what you’re planning to use it for, which is why you need to decide on which type of miter saw you should pick!

  • Angled, miter cuts
  • Compound angle cuts
  • Board cuts
  • General use
  • Trim cuts


Choosing the perfect mitre saw based on application also means that you need to consider the size of the saw most suitable for the job! With the most popular sizes being 8”, 10” and 12”, respectively 210mm, 255mm and 305mm mitre saws offer increased portability and flexibility! Also, based on the saw size, you will then need to choose the appropriate  miter saw blades, which also come in either 8”, 10” or 12". Since the majority of cutting blades are compatible with most saws, including table saws or circular saws, you would want to choose the ones with more teeth for finer cuts, since mitre saws are commonly being used for precise cuts and finishing jobs!

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In addition, if you are planning on using the miter saw on site, a stand is recommended as it offers greater stability and keeps everything in place while sawing. Moreover, the majority of  mitre saw stands come in a foldable design with height adjustable arms, capable of holding material of different sizes.

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  • Cordless or Corded

Like when purchasing any other power tool, choosing between cordless mitre saws and corded mitre saws should be based on the functions you most require from the equipment.

Corded Mitre Saws - Available in either 110v or 240v, choosing between them is mostly based on where you’ll be using the mitre saw. For DIY users it is much easier to decide, since most households have 240v powered mains. While professionals will have to base their decisions on whether they’ll be using the saw on sites where 110v is mandatory, or for domestic jobs!

Cordless Miter Saws - If you’re still not sure on choosing between 110v or 240v, we’ll make this easier and recommend cordless miter saws! Why stress yourself any further when you now have corded power in a cordless design? With a variety of new mitre saws entering the market, you can now take advantage of the Dewalt 54 Flexvolt Miter SawsMakita 36v Mitre SawsHikoki 36v Multivolt Mitre Saws and many more! Alternatively, you can read more on this subject HERE!

  • Power - You might want to consider the power output and choose a mitre saw powerful enough for your job requirements.
  • Quick and accurate mitre angle lock - mitre angles can be locked or unlocked by simply turning the handle 90°.
  • Brushless motor for increased performance and power tool life.
  • Electric brake - designed to prevent injuries, by reversing the electricity and forcing the blade to stop.
  • Dust Bag & Vacuum Compatibility – to allow the attachment of either dust bag or facilitate a vacuum connection in order to keep the working area clean and dust free.
  • Guide lights allowing the user to accurately guide all cuts.
  • LED indicator panel for battery fuel and indication of automatic speed control
  • Positive Mitre stops accomodate for the fastest and easiest adjustment of the most common cutting angles
  • Depth stops allows the user to change the height of the blade and control how deeply to cut through the material.
  • Blade guards for increased safety, which only become exposed when the blade is cutting through material, therefore protecting the user from the blade, as well any ejected debris.


Finally, since we now have a better understanding of mitre saws and their usability, it's time to decide on which brand to choose from. Or maybe, you already know! DeWaltMakitaEvolutionMetaboFestool?

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