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Festool TS55 Plunge Saw – Track Saw Review

Posted by Eddie G. on

Festool TS55 Plunge Saw – TS 55 Track Saw Review

Whether you’re a Makita or DeWalt user or you just love FestoolTools, we’re pretty sure you all heard of the very popular Festool TS55 Plunge Saw! Even though this is a saw requiring no further introduction, we thought it is only fair to have a look at why it stands out compared to other saws!

Plunge Saw, Track Saw or Circular Saw?

If you’re familiar with the Festool TS55 you’ve probably heard fellow tradesman referring to it by different terms, including Festool Plunge Saw TS55Festool TS55 Track Saw or Festool Circular Saw

What exactly is it? Well, by having a look at its design and usability it can be identified as a circular saw, however it is much more! With the help of the rails it allows for the most precise and straight cuts across a whole range of jobs, which is why it is known as a track saw or plunge saw, making it the top choice for high quality wood working & joinery applications!

By operating on a rail guiding system it allows for the most accurate results, while also controlling the depth of the cut. Different from a traditional circular saw, the Festool TS55 allows the user to stop and start cutting again without compromising on quality, whilst the riving knife keeps everything in place.

Festool TS55 Features


Though not yet available in a cordless version the Festool TS55 Track Saw is praised by many and promoted by Festool as being one of the best saws they ever designed. The TS55 Track Saw comes in both 110v and 240v making it the perfect piece of kit for working sites & home use, returning a no-load speed of 2000-5200rpm.

Cutting Action

Perfect for a large range of wood sawing applications the Festool TS 55 has a cutting capacity of 43mm at 45° and 55mm at 90°degrees while the angles 0°and 45° can be selected by using locking system, and the 1°and 47° cuts are facilitated by the adjustment option with undercut function. The TS55 is compatible with 160mm blades, while the splinter guard ensures a clean cut. In addition, the spring-mounted guide wedge prevents kickback, offering maximum safety!


Engineered to withstand the most demanding jobs, the Festool Plunge Saw comes in a wear resistant magnesium die cast designed for maximum tool life, while having a low overall weight. Different from a circular saw, the blade is enclosed while the vacuum extraction facilitates a clean working area!


  • Exact circular cuts in materials of up to 55 mm thickness
  • Cutting doors and wooden panels to length using the guide rail and circular saw
  • Expansion joints in parquet flooring, false joints & more
  • Cutting chipboard to selected size
  • Cutting and processing plasterboard

Festool Plunge Saw TS55 Features

  • Maximum flexibility thanks to flat housing for minimum wall distance
  • Precision- thanks to angle setting with snap-in points and indentation (-1° and/or 47°)
  • Guide wedge for safer work and simple positioning in existing joint
  • Good view of scribe line and saw blade thanks to the new flush and moveable viewing window
  • Improved dust extraction, thanks to the new shape of the extraction duct
  • Simpler operation with the double cutting depth scale (with/without guide rail)
  • More benefits: splinter guard, FastFix, play adjustment without the need for tools, quick brake, etc

Festool TS55 Track Saw Specification

  • Power consumption - 1200 W
  • Idle engine speed - 2000-5200 min-1
  • Saw blade diameter - 160 mm
  • Inclination - -1 / +47 °
  • Cutting depth - 0-55 mm
  • Cutting depth at 45 degrees - 0-43 mm
  • Cutting depth at 45°/90° - 0-43/0-55 mm
  • Connection Ø d/e - 27/36 mm
  • Weight - 4.5 kg

As for what’s included with the Festool TS55, you don’t have to worry about getting additional bits for it as it comes complete and ready to use with:

  • 1 x Fine tooth saw blade W48
  • 1 x Splinterguard
  • 1 x Flag window; vision panel
  • 1 x Operation tool

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