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How To Apply For Toolden Finance

Posted by Matt on

So you've found the tools you want, that new kit that you've been eyeing up for a while. The heart says yes but the bank balance says no, we know how it feels and how frustrating it can be so we've teamed up with V12 Finance to bring you Toolden Finance. The Pay Monthly solution to you tool buying woes! For the next couple minutes i'm going to explain how to create an order and complete the finance application using Toolden Finance

Step 1 - Decide What You Want

Probably the most obvious part of this How To Guide, find the product you want to buy. For this example i'm going to be going with the DCK699M3T one of you guys' favourite tool kits in the store! It's also just above the finance minimum limit of £300. So we've picked our tools and might just have a quick look at what prices we are going to be charged monthly. On the right of the product image (below on a mobile device) we have installed a Toolden Finance Calculator to work out your monthly charges before you've even gone near the payment process. Here's what I found for the DCK699M3T


As you can see regardless if I take my Toolden Finance out over 12, 24 or 36 months I can choose my own deposit amount or pay nothing at all up front. On this occasion i'm going to pay a 10% deposit today. 

Step 2 - Add To Cart & Select Payment

Ok so we are happy with what we are buying and fairly set on taking out Toolden Finance for 36 months. Next we will 'Add to Cart' and continue on with 'Proceed to Checkout'. If you've already got an account with us it'll either ask you to login or if you're already logged in will show us the Billing Addresses available on your account. If you're a new user to the site you can either create your account (easier for future orders) or checkout as a guest. Fill all the information out here and we'll click 'Bill to this address'. Next we have the Shipping Address, for all finance applications the shipping and billing addresses must match, we are legally obliged to ship finance orders to the billing address only. Next we will choose our Shipping Method, UK Mainland for this order which means it qualifies for our Free Shipping! Finally we've got our order confirmation page to make sure we are happy with everything we've done up until this point before we pick our payment method and proceed with our Toolden Finance application. When we get to the 'How Would You Like To Pay' section we are going to check the box for 'Toolden Finance', a little further down we are going to Agree to the Terms & Conditions (after reading them first of course) and lastly we would love to hear about special offers and receive the Toolden newsletter so will leave those two boxes ticked and hit 'Next'


Step 3 - Finance Application

After completing our order we will be presented with an 'Order Confirmation' screen, this is going to give us our monthly breakdown and application link to get our tools on finance.


When we click on that 'Apply Online Now' link our browser is going to redirect us off the Toolden site and onto our V12 application. In here we will be filling out the form with our personal details, it's worth having our bank details to hand whilst doing this application as we will need to add in our sort code and account number as well as information about our employment and residential statuses. 

Once completed we will hit the big green 'Apply Now' button at the bottom and await the decision. If we are accepted we will receive an update via email and Toolden can begin to process the order for dispatch. Sometimes V12 may ask us for more details, this can be ID proofs or Address Proofs.

All done, sit back and wait for your tools to arrive! 

That's how easy it is to apply for Toolden Finance, keep up to date with extra info and details via our email newsletter and check back to this blog for regular updates, tips and tricks!

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