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Impact Drivers - Buying Guide

Posted by Eddie G. on

Impact Drivers Buying Guide

Are you looking to buy the Best Impact Driver for the job? Or maybe you need one for your next DIY project? With their compact design and high torque settings Impact Drivers have become some of the most versatile Power Tools, perfect for a whole range of professional & home jobs, from deck laying to assembling furniture and so much more!

What do you need an impact driver for?

  • Shelving
  • Building: Sheds, Log cabins, Loft etc
  • Furniture Assembly
  • Smaller jobs: fixing and fitting home appliances and accessories
  • Flooring & Roofing Jobs
  • Fencing
  • Decking

The list is endless…. with so many applications what are you waiting for? Well if you still have any doubts, we’ll have a look at certain elements to consider before deciding on which Impact Driver to buy.

Impact Driver vs Impact Drill

Since there might be some confusion on this subject, let's have a look at some of the differences between Impact Drivers and Impact Drills

  • Impact Driver
  • Impact Drill

An Impact driver is designed for returning a strong rotational force making it the ultimate screwing power tool. Perfect for any wood job, Impact Drivers use rotational hammering for screwing applications, offering an increased efficiency and less damage to the head of the screw, compared to other tools. Using an Impact Driver gives the user the power with not only the best screwing or unscrewing result, but can easily be used for drilling with twice the torque of a cordless drill. Different from a drill, you would need to use special Impact Driver Bits since they are only compatible with hex head driver bits.

Impact Drills also known as Drill Drivers, have less torque compared to impact drivers, using a smoother rotation for drilling and screw driving purposes. Coming in a bigger shape/design, there is more flexibility on application since you won’t require special bits. However, since there is no rotational hammering you would need to apply more pressure for the application. This is however complemented by the clutch which allows for safer screw driving. The user can determine which speed setting is used, which once reaching the specific torque it will stop you from going through the material.


We couldn't help ourselves from testing out the Makita DTD152  

Things to consider before buying an Impact Driver


The most important aspect would be its usability! You need to decide based on what jobs you’ll be using it for. Based on this you would then be looking at it’s RTM, which is used to measure its Torque. The higher the torque the more rotational power it will return.


With so many models and different makes available it could become quite challenging to pick the right one. Based on our experience the most popular choices are Cordless Impact Drivers, running on 18v XR platform such as the Dewalt 18v DCF range, Makita 18v DTD range & Hikoki WH range.

Most Li-Ion Batteries come in either 14v - 18v – 20v of different electric amperage. The higher the voltage the more power you’ll get, while the amp/hour is the amount of energy the battery can hold.


Beside the essential power and torque, other elements would be worth taking into consideration!


The lighter the Impact Driver the more manoeuvrability it will give you! This will aid in reducing your hand fatigue whilst also allowing you to use them in tight spaces.

Led Lights

The led lightning will help in increasing the visibility when used in dark places.

Variable Speed and Reverse Function

This will help you while using it across different material ranges as you switch from softer to harder woods, while the reverse function will allow you for the fastest unscrewing.


Lastly, the Brushless Motor Technology used by most suppliers will offer an increased performance and longer life cycle!

Even tough there is a lot of talk on whether Impact Drivers or Impact Drills are better, these two actually work pretty well together, balancing each other across a variety of job applications, which is why they are usually available as a set!

If you require any other information or buying advice, please don't hesitate to contact us at, where one of our team members will be more than happy to assist you!

Until Later,
Toolden Team

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