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About Us





Toolden is a dedicated and passionate team, based in the North East of Scotland. We have a great blend of knowledge and innovation, experience and commitment, practical and 'techie' in the Toolden team. All of this comes together to offer the highest level of service we can possibly provide to our ever growing cherished customers.



In 2016, after selling a few drills on eBay and Amazon, we decided that we should probably build our own website and fill it with all of the industries favourite power tools. We hired some clever computer people, locked them in a cupboard and only let them leave once the Toolden site looked as good as it does today. Since then our range has continued to grow and we've partnered with more and more manufacturers to offer the very best products and the very best prices to everyone from home DIYer's to Government Bodies.



We understand that no two jobs are ever the same and our customers need a shopping experience that offers the flexibility to suit their next project. Toolden has rapidly become the fastest growing Power Tool & Accessory distributor in the UK for this reason, we have a sales team with over 50 years experience there to answer all of your questions and find you a deal that works for you. Whether you want to pay now by card or spread the costs over the next 2 years with Toolden Finance we have a payment option that suits you. If your company qualifies for our Account Facilities you can even request to join our account payment program. 


What Next?

We are always looking for ways to innovate and make shopping for tools easier than it's ever been. We created Bundles, these fantastic little packs of consumables with discounted power tools have been a big hit with all of our customers buying their every day screws or blades and getting discount on their power tools. We also introduced the industry to the first ever Kit Builder! The ability to build a custom tool kit right in front of your eyes exactly how you want it has been one of the many shopping innovations developed by Toolden - and that's what we will continue to do, improve the shopping experience so customers can shop on their terms and buy the products they need the way they want. 



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