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HiKOKI Hitachi Batteries & Chargers

Toolden stocks quick charging HiKOKI/Hitachi batteries and chargers from the Multi Volt Lithium-Ion collection. Whatever voltage you require, our intelligent connecting technology is hassle-free, allowing the battery pack to detect if it is being used in an 18V or a 36V device, and automatically adjusting the voltage. In terms of Ampere-hours, these batteries have a capacity of anywhere from 2.5Ah to 8.0Ah.

So if you require a HiKOKI replacement battery to extend the performance of your cordless tools as well as allow you the time you need to finish your construction or DIY job - these batteries are an excellent choice. For all of our HiKOKI/Hitachi tools, batteries and chargers we also have free delivery available for orders over £50.

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