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Bahco Tools and Accessories

Since Toolden is an official UK stockist of Bahco tools, our current range includes everything from socket sets to adjustable spanners, screwdriver sets, saws and more. Whatever you need from Bahco’s hand tool range or other accessories, we also provide finance on all of our power tools when you spend over £250 as well as free UK shipping on orders over £50.

Are Bahco tools good?

Bahco tools are designed and manufactured to suit even the most demanding professionals. By combining innovative design and ergonomics, which has been proven to reduce sprain injuries and increase productivity, they’re some of the most advanced tools in the world and highly recommended for those in the trade. But, they are also an excellent choice for those doing diy projects at home. For over 165 years, Bahco has been leading the way in high quality hand tools and have received many design awards for the following products:

  • ERGO Superior Handsaw
  • Bahco Fit Screwdriver
  • Ratcheting Insulated Screwdriver with interchangeable blades
  • Quick adjust slip joint pliers
  • Ergo Utility Knifes
  • Ergo Hammer
  • Bahco Handsaw System
  • Bahco Measuring Tapes
  • Bahco Pull Saws
  • Hacksaw Frame 317
  • Ergo Hacksaw Frame 325
  • Ergo Screwdrivers
  • Ergo Scrapers
  • Ergo Ratchet 7755-3/8
  • IZO-D Torque Wrenches
  • Hacksaw frame 319
  • Ergo Side Cutters
  • Ergo Pipe Wrenches
  • IZO Torque Wrenches
  • Ergo Superior Handsaw
  • Ergo Electronic Pliers RX
  • Ergo File Handles
  • Ergo Ratchet 8155-1/2
  • Ergo Adjustable Wrenches
  • Ergo Combination Pliers

History of Bahco

Bahco is a Swedish tool manufacturer with quite an intricate history of multiple parts.The story of Bahco began between 1886 and 1891, when Johan Petter Johansson, inventor of nearly 100 patents, developed the pipe wrench and adjustable wrench under his company, Enköpings Mekaniska Verkstad. During this time, in 1889, Berndt August Hjorth, a Swedish businessman, opened a tools and machinery shop in Stockholm called BA Hjorth & Co, which was incorporated as a shareholder company in 1916 and was renamed to Bahco in 1854. In 1890, JP sold his sales and marketing rights to B.A. Hjorth & Company, who agreed to distribute his tools worldwide under the "Bahco" trademark. Over many years following this, the company underwent many acquisitions and changes.
During the same era in 1862, Göran Fredrik Göransson, who pioneered the Bessemer process(Sir Henry Bessemer's patented process for steel production) and laid the groundwork for the first saw blade using high quality steel originally used for fish hooks, founded his company Högbo Stål & Jernwerks AB in Sandviken, Sweden. Beginning in the 1860s, the company conducted sales via trading houses in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the UK, Russia, Germany and France. In 1868 it was reconstructed as Sandvikens Jernverk (Ironworks) AB in and again to Sandvik AB in 1972. In 1914 the company opened its first sales subsidiary in the UK, which marked the beginning of a long expansion as subsidiaries began opening around the world.In 1883, Bahco started developing and manufacturing ergonomic hand tools, a technology which has been scientifically proven to reduce injuries and improve productivity. In 1991, Sandvik AB acquired Bahco Tools and changed its name to Sandvik Bahco. Today, the company has over 7000 hand tools across a wide range of industries.