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Makita Power Tools and Accessories

As an official UK Makita stockist, Toolden stocks a wide range of real authentic Makita tools including Makita cordless power tools, Makita hand tools and Makita accessories ranging from batteries to drillsimpact driversmulti toolsradios and more. Whatever you choose, we’ll provide free UK shipping on orders over £50 and can also offer finance on Makita power tools when you spend over £250.

Is Makita a good brand?

Makita is a one of the best manufacturers of electric power tools, woodworking machines and household equipment in the world. Whether you are working as a tradesman or builder in the construction industry, or require a versatile and portable power tool brand for use in the home, Makita’s power tools are developed and tested to the highest of standards. Operating for over 100 years, Makita is one of the best brands in the industry operating many unique technologies including:

  • Lithium-ion (LXT)
  • 40V Max (XGT)
  • Twin 18v Cordless
  • Compact Extreme Technology (CXT)
  • G-Series
  • Brushless Motors
  • Anti-Vibration Technology (AVT)
  • Deep Exact Cutting (DXT)
  • Super Joint System (SJS)
  • Makita Mini 4-Stroke Engine (MM4)
  • Easy Start
  • Efficut
  • Cosmos Blade System
  • Impact Gold Torsion
  • Hand Tools
  • Makpac

Known for its innovative R&D projects, Makita has produced over 350 different products with unmatched quality, durability and performance. Some of Makita’s innovations have been mentioned below.

  • LXT® Lithium-Ion
  • Star Protection Computer Controls™
  • Active 3 Controls
  • XPT™ Extreme Protection Technology
  • Advanced AVT®
  • MM4® 4-Stroke Engine
  • SJS® - Super Joint System
  • Big Bore™
  • Automatic Speed Change™
  • Quick Shift Mode™
  • DXT™ Deep and Exact Cutting Technology
  • Impact GOLD®
  • 12V max CXT® Lithium-Ion
  • AVT® Anti-Vibration Technology
  • SJS™II
  • HP™ - High Pressure
  • Oil Impulse™
  • Push Drive™
  • ImpactX™
  • Magnesium
  • Ultra Premium Diamond Blade
  • Xtract Vac™
  • AWS™

History of Makita Power Tools

Makita is a world leading Japanese tool manufacturer that originated in 1915 under the name “Makita Denski Seisakusho” in Nagoya City, the capital of Japan’s Aichi Prefecture. During this time, Makita’s business activities included selling and repairing electric tools and equipment which primarily included lighting equipment, motors and transformers. In 1938, Makita became a limited company under the name of “Makita Electric Works Ltd” and later relocated to Anjo City, Japan in 1945, which is where the company’s headquarters is currently located. In 1958, the company diversified its expertise and began manufacturing electric power tools - which included a portable electric planer - Makita’s first power tool - which was later followed by many more tools from a portable groove cutter to an electric circular saw and electric drill. In 1962, the company went public on the stock exchange - after which it quickly became Japan’s number one electric power tool manufacturer. In 1970, this success continued as Makita launched its multinational operations, which began in the United States and has now expanded to more than 100 sales offices worldwide and 39 overseas subsidiaries - making it Japan’s largest exporter of electric power tools. In 1978, Makita introduced its first cordless power tool, the 7.2V Cordless Drill. Following this, during the 1980s, Makita more intensely adopted mass production and expanded its factory operations. Today, Makita operates factories in Brazil, China, Mexico, Japan, Romania, Germany, the United Kingdom, Dubai, Thailand and the United States. In 1991, the company changed its name to “Makita Corporation” after acquiring Sachs-Dolmer. Since then, the company has become one of the largest power tool suppliers in the world and an industry leader in innovative power tool technology.