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Mag Drills (Magnetic Drills)

Toolden stocks a wider range of magnetic drills from the best brands in the industry including Evolution magnetic drills. Magnetic drilling machines are extremely beneficial for drilling precision, speed, accuracy and consistency in heavy duty construction or fabrication work. Whether you’re looking for an electric magnetic drill press, a pneumatic magnetic drill press or hydraulic magnetic drill press, we’ll provide you with free UK shipping on orders over £50 as well as finance on orders over £250.

What is a magnetic drill?

A magnetic drill, also known as a mag drill, is a portable drilling machine used to cut metal and has 4 key features including: a magnetic base, a motor, a drill stand and an arbor or chuck. There are also many options for tooling with mag drills such as twist drills, annular cutters, reamers, taps and counter sinks.

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