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Stanley Tools and Accessories

As an official UK Stanley supplier, Toolden stocks an extensive range of Stanley tools and accessories including the FatMax Stanley hand tool range, accessories and more. Whether you are looking to buy a new hammer, screwdriver, saw, tape measure, toolbox, tool bag, or something else, your options are endless. We can also provide finance on Stanley hand tools when you spend over £250 as well as free UK shipping on orders over £50.

Are Stanley tools good?

Stanley (also known as Stanley Black & Decker) provides some of the best power tools, hand tools, mechanical access solutions, electronic security, monitoring systems and more around the world. Not only are Stanley tools long lasting and recommended for those working in the trade, they are also perfect for both big and small DIY projects. Not to mention, for over 170 years, Stanley has maintained high quality, reliable and innovative standards producing some of the most useful tools including:

  • Bailey® Plane,
  • Surform® Shaper
  • PowerLock® Tape Rule
  • FatMax® Tape Measures
  • FatMax™ Power Tool Range
  • & More

History of Stanley Tools

Stanley is an American tool manufacturer that was founded in 1843 by Frederik Stanley in Connecticut in the United States to manufacture bolts, hinges and other wrought iron hardware. Stanley is known as the innovator in steel tape measures, which the company introduced in 1931, and is trusted globally for their accuracy and dependability. Stanley has also established itself as one of the best companies in the world in the production of safe and comfortable work tools and professional tools in over 175 countries.

In 2010, Stanley Black & Decker was born from the merger between "The Stanley Works" and "Black & Decker", which continues the long tradition of developing professional tools and solutions on which Industries and professionals rely to achieve successful jobs. Stanley Black & Decker specializes in the production of professional tools, hand tools, power tools and accessories, fastening systems, drywall tools, bags and tool holders and more.