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Founded in 1898, Bosch is one of the market leaders in the tool industry. A true household name, Bosch products are known for their high-quality and high-performance. Combining innovation and reliability Bosch has really established itself as a Power Tool manufacturer, their cordless kits have been massively popular and they offer a great range of accessories and gardening equipment. 

Is Bosch recommended for trade?

As a trusted name, Bosch power tools are designed to a premium standard - offering professionals the tools they need to get the job done. From the building site to the workshop, all Bosch power tools offer innovative design including many multi-use tools that will become essential pieces in your kit.

Is Bosch a good choice for home DIY?

Absolutely! We’ve supplied many customers with Bosch tools to tackle home DIY projects, with plenty of multi-tools, accessories and more available to buy online. Choose from cordless and corded tools depending on your needs and take advantage of our free delivery when you spend over £50.

The Bosch Mission

The Bosch mission statement “Invented for Life”, sums up the company’s approach to what they do. Since 1898, Bosch has been at the forefront of tool design, ensuring they are there every step of the way, whether you’re on the job or keeping on top of household DIY projects.

Bosch products at Toolden

Within our extensive range of Bosch power tools we offer everything from Bosch drills and Bosch multi-tool kits to more heavy duty items such as our Bosch Saws, Bosch grinders and a wide selection of Bosch accessories. We offer Toolden finance on any orders over £300 and free delivery on orders over £50.