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Irwin Tools are a long established, fully competent brand that manufacture and distribute professional grade hand tools and power tool accessories for those who demand superior performance and durability on the job.  Their dedication to improvement is backed by Irwin’s end user teams visiting job sites to see the products in action and learn first hand how to help the professionals increase their productivity. They don’t come much better than that!

History of Irwin

Founded in Martinsville, Ohio in 1885, Charles Irwin purchased the rights to the solid centre auger bit from a local blacksmith, and this is where the Irwin Tools story began. 40 years later the Vise-Grip was invented by William Petersen and this is where two tool leaders joined forces to become one tool giant. In 1993, American Tool Companies (formerly Petersen Manufacturing) acquired Irwin Tool Company. Fast forward to today and Irwin Industrial Tool Company as it’s now known is a global company with unrivalled success and a vast array of highly acclaimed products under their tool belt!

Is Irwin a good choice for Trade?

Absolutely. Irwins products are designed for the needs of their primary user - the professional tradesman, so they are tough, durable and built to last.

Is Irwin a good choice for home use and DIY?

Also yes. Their power tools and accessories will give you a professional finish your home deserves so you know you’re in safe hands with Irwin.

Most popular Irwin products

As an official Irwin stockist we can help you choose the right equipment for the job. Some of the most popular Irwin products that we sell online include the ProTouch Bevel Edge Chisel Set and the HSS 15 piece Pro Drill Set.

Why Irwin?

Innovation is the hallmark of Irwin Tools, and continues to drive everything they do. From the first idea to the end user visits, Irwin are dedicated and committed to continuous improvement. Supported by a global network of world class manufacturing facilities, Irwin continuously raises the bar with their ever expanding product range.