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Einhell Batteries & Chargers

Toolden stocks powerful high performing Lithium-Ion Einhell batteries that have no memory effect and no self-discharge. The Einhell 18V Li-Ion Battery includes the 7-in-1 active Einhell Power X Change Battery Management System (BMS) which monitors the battery for deep discharge, surges, overheating, memory effect, self-discharge and more and then responds by counteracting these effects by controlling things like power, temperature and voltage.

If you want a safe battery charger that extends battery life, then the Power X Change Einhell battery charger is the right choice as it ensures that cells within a battery are uniformly and correctly charged whilst preventing short circuits.

So, whether you are working on a project at home or on a worksite - these batteries are an excellent choice. As an added benefit, all of the Einhell tools, batteries and chargers come available with free delivery on orders over £50.

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