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Power Tool Batteries & Chargers

Browse Toolden’s comprehensive range of power tool batteries and chargers for all of the major power tool brands including our top-selling Milwaukee, Bosch Coolpack, Makita LXT, and Dewalt XR FlexVolt batteries and chargers.

When purchasing batteries and chargers - the key things you consider include:

  • Battery Voltage (V): Voltage is the level of power/strength the battery can provide.
  • Amp-Hours (Ah): Ampere Hour is the amount of charge a battery can provide.
  • Battery Type: Battery type is the type of battery technology used in the battery.
  • Cycle Life: Cycle life is the amount of times a battery can be charged and discharged before its performance degrades which is impacted by age, use and memory effect.
  • Memory Effect: Memory effect is when a battery capacity is reduced to not being fully drained and fully charged.
  • Self Discharge: Self Discharge is the rate at which a battery degrades when not in use.
  • Deep Discharge: Deep Discharge is the complete discharge or draining of a battery’s energy.

Giving you hours of usage with just one charge, the batteries we stock hold anywhere from 1.3Ah of charge to 12.0Ah - making them perfect for keeping your power tools working on the go. Purchasing our bundles of cordless tool batteries also ensures that you can continue to work without waiting for another battery to charge.

The most popular voltages in the industry at the moment include 10.8v, 12v, 18v, 36v and 54v batteries and chargers - and we’ve got them all! Depending on the type of work you are doing, we tend to see 10.8v-12v being used for light work, 12v-18v for medium work and 18v-54v for heavy-duty work.

Prefer a specific type of battery technology or need it to be rechargeable? No worries! Our range includes everything from NiCD batteries, NiMH batteries to Lithium-Ion batteries and more to suit all of the major cordless ranges with some lasting 1000+ cycles. To go that extra mile, we also offer free UK shipping on orders of £50.