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Teng Tools & Accessories

As an official UK Teng Tools supplier, Toolden stocks an extensive range of Teng Tools products including tool kits, tool storage, socket sets, torque tools and more! As an added benefit, we also provide finance on Teng products when you spend over £250 as well as free UK shipping on orders over £50.

Who are Teng Tools?

Teng Tools are a hand tool and smart storage manufacturer with over 3K products catering to a wide range of professionals in the automotive, construction, maintenance and engineering sectors. Teng Tools was founded in 1985 by Henri Tengvall who discovered the mechanics' need for a well-selected range of hand tools and storage solutions, which could work together to meet the demands of each user. The Teng Tools name is derived from the Asian folk hero Tengu, a tough warrior who fought for his people and stands as a symbol of strength, courage and innovative thinking. Teng Tools has been used by Speedway Grand Prix World Champions and is in over 30 countries worldwide.

Are Teng Tools good?

Teng Tools are some of the most innovative in their industry and founded the ‘Get Organised Concept’ which is a concept based around the idea that you can “Get Organised” and build your ultimate tool kit by:

  1. Choosing your tool storage
  2. Choosing your tool trays
  3. & Clicking everything together

To date, Teng Tools most innovative products include:

  • Unique Teng Tools TC Tray System
  • Mega Master 1,001 Piece Tool Kit
  • Eva ToolStorage Solution
  • ‘Typically Teng’ Features
  • ‘Mega Bite’
  • ‘Hip Grip’